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Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

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Stanley [Jul. 27th, 2016|05:14 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

So I chopped down the offending alder, to give Stanley some more sun.  I composted the base of the trunk, and then we had torrential rain yesterday, so he can't complain about lack of water.  Sun today.  I looked up some organic remedies for rust, and one of them was 2 crushed aspirin tablets in a quart of water.  I don't know what a quart is (I'm Canadian) so I just filled up my 1 litre spray bottle.  Sprayed it all over.  I think I may be too late, but anyway ... we can but try.  Here's a picture of the poor thing. Fingers crossed.

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Long time gone [Jul. 26th, 2016|02:31 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

Well, I haven't been around for a while.  What's up?  My three year old Stanley Plum looks like it's dying.  All the leaves suddenly drooped and now they're withering and curling up.  What could be wrong?  We've had bouts of intense heat, followed by short monsoon rains, then more intense heat.  Also, do young plum trees need full sun? Because there's a big-ass alder growing up inside the middle of the lilac bush and it's blocking the sun from the plum sapling.  I can't think of anything else that could be wrong.

Any clues?

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Bulb HALP please [Sep. 22nd, 2013|12:14 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

I love the surprise of spring bulb plants, but I have fewer every year. I suspect squirrels
are digging them up. I feel like that guy in the movie Caddy Shack with the damned gophers.

Any hints on keeping all 20 of the new bulbs I want to plant from being rodent snacks?
I was thinking of sprinkling them with chili powder or hot pepper?
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Peat Moss [May. 8th, 2013|05:27 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables


I've read in places that peat moss should not be used, because it is not "sustainably harvested."  But I' ve never read anywhere what purpose it serves if you leave it in the bog.  Anyone know?

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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2012|12:51 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

So, these two types of mushrooms suddenly popped up in my celery seedlings, which are about a month old. Any ideas as to what they might be? TIA. Pics under cut.

Pics!Collapse )

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Squash [Apr. 22nd, 2012|10:58 am]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

I know that they can produce in the shade of corn and beans in the three sisters method, but does anyone have any experiece growing squash in 2-3 hours of sun? I have a shady side yard that just sitting there with ivy growing on the ground.
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2012|02:51 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

Hello everyone!

A rather naive question, I am afraid.

I am about to start a herb garden in my flat, and am aware that I will probably need extra lighting. Is it at all possible to use a standard table lamp with a particular bulb to achieve this? I don't really have the space for a bigger set up! If this is feasable, can anyone explain to me which bulb will be best?

Tried to have a look online but it all got rather complicated rather quickly.

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What seeds are you starting indoors? [Feb. 19th, 2012|11:30 am]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

I admit that I am very much a hap-hazard gardener. Winter and spring are always busy times for me, and I've never gotten organized enough to start my own seeds indoors before. I know I am running a little late for some seeds, but in some cases I figure I am ahead if I start them now instead of outside next month. (I'm in the USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 6 region.)

So, this year I finally have all my supplies together and am re-checking my seed inventory on what I should be starting now. I have my basic list, but thought I'd ask what others like to start early, besides the basics of tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, squash, and melon. Maybe I've overlooked something really beneficial?

Any experiential advice which you care to add is also appreciated.

Thanks, all!
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Leaf Mold [Feb. 4th, 2012|01:17 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

I must admit, that one area where I'm tempted to use chemical fertilizer is with regard to adding nitrogen to my so called compost pile. I call it compost, but the realit is that it is probably 90% leaves. I'm on a quiet street, with little traffic or on street parkings, so I feel pretty safe in collecting leaves on my block and do so obsessively. Starting in September, I built the pile up to exceed 20 cubic yards, and with yard waste, kitchen waste, pee and some purchase blood meal, it heated up quickly and started to rot as I continued to add more leaves until it was at 30 yards by the end of Octover.

We've had a warm wet winter, but by now, the pile is starving for nitrogen, and I'm tryijng to locate a cheap source of organic nitrogen. I'll probably buy a back of Ringer's lawn fetilizer, but that's nowhere near enough. Any ideas on cheap nitrogen?
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uses for CDs? [Dec. 30th, 2011|12:59 pm]
Organic Gardening - Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

I've heard of (and seen) people hanging strings of old CDs around fruit trees to protect the fruit from birds - the reflections are supposed to scare them off.  Does it work?  How thickly do they need to be strung?  How high/low would they need to be to protect the tree top-to-bottom?

Also, has anyone tried placing an old CD (shiny side up) as protection around a veg seedling?  For example, a squash or melon?  I ask because silver reflective mulch is supposed to reflect light onto the undersides of leaves and deter some pests - would a CD be sufficiently reflective?  Could it also work as a sort of cutworm collar?
The CD-around-seedling idea is just one that came to mind this morning; I'm not sure if it would be at all useful.  I don't see references to such an idea online, so figured I'd ask if anyone had tried such a thing.
Possible drawbacks that come to mind:  not water-permeable, so would create a dry zone; contains silver...although hopefully that can't leach out and is only a problem if it melts; could get splashed with mud and then wouldn't be reflective anymore; slugs might hide on the underside.  Thoughts?
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